12 thoughts on “Living in 2A

    • You can only read that story if you subscribe to the daily telegraph. But I know the basics. Australia is the model that proves something can be done. At some point we need to make it illegal to sell these weapons except to the government (who will destroy them). In time, we won’t have any more. The sooner we start, the sooner things will improve.

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      • I remembered back then there was a lot of opposition. In the end it died down. Over here we don’t have guns for safety . Mostly it’s farmers guarding their stock or gun enthusiasts to go duck/deer hunting etc. Thus it’s not like the US where most of the population has guns for a false sense of safety.
        Australia still have crime. We still have shootings .When we hear of shootings it’s more gangland members shooting each other than the commoners. So all is good.

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  1. good blog, Jeff. One of the other things I would add here is that much of the triggering of fear is done by business interests (e.g. the NRA–their job is to SELL GUNS), that then gets cross linked with patriotism, defending freedoms, an imaginary life in the earlier part of the country’s history. Marketing and manipulation done so covertly that many if not most, don’t realize they’ve been sold. Automatic and semi automatic weapons don’t make you safe, and they wouldn’t have helped a bit a the concert. Okay, end of my rant for the moment.

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    • So many selfish things in america are tied to patriotism. Guns, gas guzzling trucks, spending 8 hours on Sunday watching football. My king-of-the-country plan is to make it illegal to sell semi and automatic guns except to have them destroyed. In time, we’ll be rid of the majority of them.


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