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  1. Cast your ballot. Donate time and money if you can. Resist doom and gloom, because it’s not over until it’s over…. especially with the SCOTUS nomination. I can think of several scenarios where the nomination gets stuck and goes to our next President.

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    • It’s exceptionally nice that you asked me that. Are you asking because I’m not writing or because I seem overwhelmed by our insane news feed. If the former, mostly I’ve been super busy, but somewhat at a loss on what to write about. this post that you just commented on was up to about 400 words when I realized all I really wanted to say was in the first few sentences. If the latter, welll… I’m increasingly concerned about November 4th. I can’t see any good scenarios for the weeks after the election. But at the same time, I’ve been having a lot of fun with my son. His bike-bug has become all encompassing and now I’m riding jumps in the backyard like I did when I was twelve. Thanks for asking.

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      • Good. Asking because you hadn’t been writing, and this post had an air of hopelessness to it. Plus present news feed is enough to make everyone a little crazy. (Had a weird/horrible thought this morning re: what if COVID took him right before the election??)
        Am super glad that you’ve just been riding bikes 😀

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