My Best Stories

An archive of some of my favorite stories written for this blog.

Hi, I’m Jeff – A good way to meet me.
Death and the Blogger – Losing an old friend when things are already going badly.
Crest the Hill – Tourettes, alcoholism, a role-model remembered.

Living in 2A – Rant, rant. Abolish the 2nd amendment.
An itch I gotta scratch – Tourettes, a new tic emerges.

Dry – Those first weeks alcohol free, like grinding teeth.
My Lonely, Forgotten Beer – Feeling bad for the beer I didn’t get to drink.
Symphony of Sounds – Running with Tourettes. 

Jenn, Lance & Me – My start as a trail runner… in the shadow of gods.
Tiny Man
 – (Fiction) This dude’s just like me.
Below the Surface – My response to a blogger hating on my disability.

The Blue Trail – (Fiction) This guy’s a lot like me as well.

Radicalized Patriots – Trump, Falwell, et al: Are they any better than ISIS?

Careen – That out-of-control moment when you know you’re screwed.
Gratitude – Learning to acknowledge the good stuff in my life.
Follow – Do I need to follow for a follow? This was featured on WordPress Discover.

On Death and Living and Running – Death and then more death. It gets me thinking.
The Fluoride Treatment – Running, childhood and dentistry all mashed together.
Best songs you won’t hear in spin class – Too provocative for public play.
Fat Jesus – Unlike the other greats, he never got there.

About Death – He’s buried next to my mother.What did he miss?