My Best Stories

An archive of my favorite stories written for this blog. If you can only pick one, please read Crest the Hill, Death and the Blogger or Hi, I’m Jeff.

Hi, I’m Jeff – A good way to meet me.
Death and the Blogger – Losing an old friend when things are already going badly.
Crest the Hill – Tourettes, alcoholism, a role-model remembered.

Living in 2A – Rant, rant. Abolish the 2nd amendment.
In Search of: Coach! – Poking fun at myself as a runner.
An itch I gotta scratch – Tourettes, a new tic emerges.

Dry – Those first weeks alcohol free, like grinding teeth.
Whoppers – A Halloween story.

My Lonely, Forgotten Beer – Feeling bad for the beer I didn’t get to drink.
Symphony of Sounds – Running with Tourettes. 

Cats (and Dogs) – Can I earn a living as a blogger?
Messy – Poetry(?) written at a low point.

Caffeinated – Caffeine, God I love that shit.
Jenn, Lance & Me – My start as a trail runner… in the shadow of gods.
Tiny Man
 – (Fiction) This dude’s just like me.
Cry – Encountering depression and trying to help.
Below the Surface – My response to a blogger hating on my disability.

The Blue Trail – (Fiction) This guy’s a lot like me as well.
Whitey and the Riff Raff – Losing a friend always makes me reminisce.

Radicalized Patriots – Trump, Falwell, et al: Are they any better than ISIS?

Careen – That out-of-control moment when you know you’re screwed.
About Death – It’s about death.

Pest – Oh lord, it’s hard to be my daughter.
Dissent is Patriotic – My reaction to Trump’s presidential victory.
Gratitude – Learning to acknowledge the good stuff in my life.
Follow – Do I need to follow for a follow? This was featured on WordPress Discover.
Great Expectations – One thousand new followers… feeling the pressure to deliver.

On Death and Living and Running – Death and then more death. It gets me thinking.
The Fluoride Treatment – Running, childhood and dentistry all mashed together.
Best songs you won’t hear in spin class – Too provocative for public play.
Fat Jesus – Unlike the other greats, he never got there.

Prindle – Driving a clunker give me the blues.
Do Not Reply – (Satire) Every blogger’s nightmare.
The Hair Wiz – As seen on TV!