An overview of me

Jeff & CrowJeff Cann lives, works, writes, and runs in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. His essays and stories have appeared in the Gettysburg Times and Like the Wind magazine, as well as various blog sites dealing with the topics of mental health and running. Jeff is married with two children.

When he isn’t working, parenting or writing, he can be found hiking or running the wooded trails surrounding Gettysburg; instructing punk-infused indoor-cycle classes; or reading novels and biographical essays.

CaptureHis first book of personal essays, Fragments – a memoir, was published in April 2016.

IT’S NOT ALL RUNNING… Other works can be found on the Post Archive tab of this website.

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Disclaimer: The content included on this website is intended to convey my opinion and to entertain the reader. Information here should not be quoted as fact. The opinions here are mine alone and in no way are intended to reflect the opinions of my family, my employer, my friends, or any other group regardless of my affiliation with that group. Any quotes attributed to public figures have been verified at more than one source. Conversations and events are recreated to the best of my recollection. In all circumstances, you should feel free to share a link to this website. Please do not lift content out of the website to republish without first gaining my permission. All content is copyrighted and protected.

Yeah? I’ll tell you where you can go…

The Boeskool: Cultural essays from what the author describes as a Christian perspective.
The Body’s Heated Speech: I’m not big on poetry, but my friend Brian Dean Powers knocks out some powerful stuff.
Sleeping on the Diagonal: Humorously random ruminations on single life.
The Crappy Childhood Fairy: This interesting and well-written blog walks a line between creative memoir & academic analysis.
Shenandoah BreakdownThis dude can write.
Dumb Runner: Mark Remy’s excellent tongue-in-cheek running commentary.
Undercrust: Written by me under my alter ego Charley Rider for over two years. Lots of content, but my best stuff from this period is in my book (which you should read).

7 thoughts on “An overview of me

  1. Thank you for sharing this self analysis. It says a lot about who you are, what you’ve gone through and what you want from others.There will always be insensitive persons out there, but it’s their loss to be so inconsiderate. We’ve both come to know you better, to appreciate and enjoy you for your individuality, your honesty, and courage. We love your writing.

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  2. Jeff, I just stumbled upon your site via the community pool and I am excited to begin reading! Plus, I live in Pennsylvania and that doesn’t hurt my interest in your blog haha Happy writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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