BadassBAD ASS – My Quest to Become a Back Woods Trail Runner (and other obsessive goals)  

This is a book about running, but it’s also a book about life.

Jeff Cann, a life-long runner, is now in his fifties. Deep in the descending arc of his running career, he decides to kick it up a notch. This book chronicles his often misguided attempts to turn himself into a Bad Ass, Back Woods, Trail Runner. Sometimes lighthearted, sometimes not, Jeff touches on many topics relatable to runners… and pretty much everyone else.

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Fragments – a memoir: Jeff Cann has achieved the improbable. He has taken an honest look at himself. The twenty-four stories that comprise this book range from serious and sad to funny and uplifting. And they all include an element of raw, self-analysis. These well-crafted stories each stand on their own, but together they form a mosaic, a picture of a life in transformation.

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 an interesting book about an intriguing person…
       sharp…          sparse…
              beautiful…        a powerful read…

— Comments from a bunch of people no one knows.

Several (many) essays appearing on the Good Men Project website

Grunting (Symphony of Sounds) appearing in Like the Wind magazine #7.

On Death and Living and Running appearing in Like the Wind magazine #8

Not tonight, thanks (Beer Running) appearing in Like the Wind magazine #10

LSD appearing in Like the Wind magazine #13

The Fluoride Treatment appearing in Like the Wind magazine #18


 – A blogsite with various older essays on topics including mental health, running, music and culture.

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