BadassBAD ASS – My Quest to Become a Back Woods Trail Runner (and other obsessive goals)  

This is a book about running, but it’s also a book about life.

Jeff Cann, a life-long runner, is now in his fifties. Deep in the descending arc of his running career, he decides to kick it up a notch. This book chronicles his often misguided attempts to turn himself into a Bad Ass, Back Woods, Trail Runner. Sometimes lighthearted, sometimes not, Jeff touches on many topics relatable to runners… and pretty much everyone else.

This eBook is free.


Fragments – a memoir: Jeff Cann has achieved the improbable. He has taken an honest look at himself. The twenty-four stories that comprise this book range from serious and sad to funny and uplifting. And they all include an element of raw, self-analysis. These well-crafted stories each stand on their own, but together they form a mosaic, a picture of a life in transformation.

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    an interesting book about an intriguing person…
          sharp…          sparse…
                 beautiful…        a powerful read…

— Comments from a bunch of people no one knows.

The short story Different Lives was published in the Bangalor Review

Gobs of essays appear on the Good Men Project website.

The following stories debuted in Like the Wind Magazinea cool British ink and paper publication exploring ‘Why we run.’

Undercrust – This blogsite contains various older essays on topics including mental health, running, music and culture.

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