Day of Patriotism

As the world of reality TV crashes headlong into a dystopian future, President Trump calls for a Day of Patriotism. I’ve always thought that Independence Day, the good ol’ Fourth of July, was our long-standing day of patriotism, but apparently, it’s not enough.

The motto of our future holiday? Love it or leave it!

trumpThe Day of Patriotism will be a celebration of the world Trump enjoyed as a child. When all power was held by white men. When the status quo was never questioned. Before the civil rights protests of the sixties. Before the women’s liberation movement of the seventies. Before black lives even remotely mattered (to the majority of Americans).

On the Day of Patriotism, all will stand for the Star Spangled Banner; we will each pledge allegiance to the flag (in public and in private); and everyone will honor our Christian nation by attending church. We’ll stop those who look “foreign” and demand proof of citizenship. We’ll question our visitors—as they enter the country—asking which religion they practice. And of course, we’ll build a wall.

The first bricks were mortared in place yesterday with Trump’s cry of America First! America First! In his inauguration speech, President Trump pledged a safe world for children (as long as they’re American children). He promised a country where kids may walk the streets—unless they look like trouble, then they will be stopped and frisked. Trump’s wall will encircle the country and each urban community as well.

The Patriots of the American Revolution were insurrectionists. They were a rebel army fighting against an unjust ruler, against the status quo. They envisioned a different America, and they were willing to fight for it. Will there be a place for dissent on our Day of Patriotism?

Don’t see it happening.

12 thoughts on “Day of Patriotism

  1. Many thousands of people turned out in my hometown today for the Women’s March. I could hardly move at times, there were so many marchers and observers. Protest is patriotism, no matter what Trumpty Dumpty says. Putin’s Patsy has less than a 40% approval rating on his first day.

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  2. I am refreshed and given a sense of optimism for the future of the United States if you are representative of the majority of decent American citizens! The view from the Eastern side of the Atlantic is frankly scary at the moment, but I hope that you enjoy your new holiday!

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  3. This has probably been said before, but as someone who studies North Korean ideology I feel the need to say it again: this is some North Korea level sh*t. Were you also off put by his call for “total allegiance to the United States” in his inaugural speech?

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  4. Thank God for protesters, including bloggers who know how to call a spade a spade and will stand up for what’s right. The picture you have painted here is right on point!
    I think this post is far more eloquent then mine. 😉 lol Well done! Let’s keep fighting the good fight Jeff!


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