Betty Botter bought some butter;
But she said “this butter’s bitter!
“If I put it in my batter
It would make my batter bitter.
So she bought a bit of butter
Better than the bitter butter.
And she put it in the batter,
But it made her batter worse.

Last night was Butter-Night. Dinner, nothing but artichokes and baguette. Each simply a delivery system for butter. Lots of butter.

artiArtichokes, our prehistoric vegetable, the focal point of the meal. Vaguely cactus-like, these drab, olive flower petals terminate at the tip, at the top with a sharp spike. Reminiscent of a claw, or if studied closely enough, a dinosaur’s mouth.

Four tiny bowls of melted butter, one apiece, dip the petal, scrape the tender meat free with your teeth. The diminutive bowl-size a distraction. A trick to convince ourselves that we aren’t each eating a stick of butter with dinner. The bowls must be refilled several times during the meal.

The baguette is more straight-forward. Slice, slather, consume. The salted butter provides the flavor. Nothing bitter, nothing could be better.


via Daily Prompt: Better

6 thoughts on “Artichokes

  1. You SO had me at butter. Butter for me is like that aroma of carrots that grabs Bugs Bunny by the face from his rabbit hole and seductively levitates him to the dinner table. Going for baguettes now. lol Thanks, Jeff!

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  2. Artichokes are weirdly not that common here in Ireland, whereas in Spain people go nuts for roasted artichokes while not even knowing what a turnip is… so…

    Luckily we all know what butter is and can all agree it is delicious!

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