Working together. Complimenting one another. Picking up the job where another leaves off. This isn’t me. I go it alone. I do it all myself. I’m solitary. Solo. That’s easier to manage. I’m never let down. When I first met my step-sister she was in high school. It was a get-together at my father’s new home. Laura had some friends over. They we’re singing 60s rock classics, Chrystals, Ronnettes, some Christian stuff. Angelic voices blending together. Each voice exponentially improving the next. I can’t sing a melody, forget the harmony.

11 thoughts on “Solo

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  2. One of those “If you want it done right, do it yourself” kind of guys, eh?

    Me too.

    And hey, at least when you’re singing solo it doesn’t have to harmonize. No matter how bad it is, just say you’re creating your own melody. Call it a new artistic creation , a new style of music. That’s what the metalheads did. Scream and screech and growl, call it a new genre of music named heavy metal… and make a mint off it!

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