Why does conservative America care about my sexuality?
About your sexuality?
And why is it a threat?
Why are equal rights for all viewed as fewer rights for them?

Why do they care if Kaepernick wants to kneel?
Does America-the-free only encompass not wearing a mask?
Why can’t #BlackLivesMatter without causing offense?
Why do they arrive with weapons drawn at a gathering of peace?

Why do they fear change?
Fear the Future?
Why do those, once the majority, now think they’re a minority?
And why would that be so bad?

Photo by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash

22 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Much of the literature on this indicates that the effort to control their environment comes from a place of fear, fear that has been manipulated and stoked by Faux News and the right wing media silo. There are times when I feel sorrow rather than anger about this, as for example seeing older people glued to their television sets and afraid that Antifa will storm their retirement village. But mostly I feel determination to remain open-minded myself rather than trying to control them in reverse.

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    • First, I love Faux News. That works on many levels. Yes, fear. A few years back I was staffing a racial justice booth at work and this white guy came up to me and told me that whites are now ‘the minority’ so other races shouldn’t get preferential treatment. He moved on before I could explain that *possibly* whites aren’t 50% of the population anymore but we’re still the majority. Personally, I become more accepting of everyone the older I get (even of the Trumpers). I’m not sure why those Trumpers don’t get more accepting as they age as well. They seem to go the other way.


  2. So bizarre that wearing a mask is a political issue!
    Love the reference to Eddie Haskell!. We didn’t have cable growing up—so I watched lots of reruns of Leave It to Beaver after school if there was nothing else to keep me occupied.


  3. Folks fear, what they don’t understand. What a powerful message. Keep sharing your thoughts and heart. This world needs what you have to share. I have pondered your words, many times today. Last week, someone shared with me what the colors, in the Rainbow flag meant. I had no idea and asked. They also explained how the flag came about, about the pink flag and all that entailed. The ONLY way, we shall all come together, is if we all come together! Looking forward to your next post. Keep ’em cominc. 😉

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  4. Many of us live in fear – fear of people that are different, fear of things we don’t understand, and fear of all things unknown. My son and I were talking about this today and what we can do to calmly help others realize what they don’t understand. When someone he knows shares an experience, he gets it more than when someone argues a point. That’s why I believe in the power of story, I think. Whether that is a story about a person with autism or a story about a person of a different cultural experience. But some people won’t change their perspective regardless. So sad for them and frustrating for me. Great post.

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    • Thank you Debbie. I don’t have a ton of IRL friends, and I can’t really talk out these subjects at work. I so appreciate the blogger community which is surprisingly (or maybe not as we’re all fairly introverted) like minded.


  5. All good questions, Jeff. I realize they are all rhetorical. My question is “How?” How can 40% of the population still be supporting this president? How can this large a percentage of the population feel everything you wrote about is ok?

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