No More Bullshit

Trump 2020 – No More Bullshit. I saw that popular right-wing sign all over my county during the Black Lives Matter protests after George Floyd’s murder. What bullshit was that? You know, that people of color demanded not to be killed by police when confronted over minor infractions.

I can’t think of a better phrase for today—no more bullshit.

It’s total bullshit that Americans can buy and then use battlefield weapons on grade-school children, or teachers, or grocery shoppers, or people meeting for worship. It’s bullshit when Republican lawmakers invoke second amendment rights to avoid regulating guns in any way. When politicians sacrifice our unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to suck up to the gun lobby.

How many times have I done this—blogged for gun control after a mass shooting? How many times have Republican politicians responded to distressed calls for new gun policies with “Don’t politicize this tragedy.” Or “Now is not the time.”

Nineteen children. It’s unimaginable. And it won’t stop here. It might take a break. It might not. The next tragedy always lurks around a corner. Sometimes months away, sometimes days after the last, like this time.

On average, every American owns 1.2 guns. That’s over four hundred million guns and growing all the time. Will stricter gun laws do any good? Here’s a simple plan:

  1. Make it a felony to transfer ownership of an automatic or semiautomatic weapon. No sales, no gifts, no inheritance.
  2. The U.S. Government will buy and melt all unwanted guns.

Over forty years, our mass shooting epidemic will dwindle and die.

It’s time for change. If you’re voting for Republican U.S. senator and representative candidates, you’re complicit in this never-ending procession of death. No more bullshit. Do something.

40 thoughts on “No More Bullshit

  1. This is horrible, but I said to Younger today that it would true karmic justice to see someone or several people take some automatic weapons to the upcoming NRA Convention in Houston. Shout “2nd Amendment Baby” and just open fire.

    Yeah, I don’t really want that to happen… maybe paintball would be okay. But I’m beyond sick of this bullshit. Do any of the gun totin yahoos even *understand* why the 2nd amendment was put in place??🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

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    • At least use pepper balls to cause some serious pain. Our country is simply out of control. I read an article on BBC tonight where there were trying to explain why this keeps happening here. They basically said everyone in America just gun crazy. I honestly don’t know how those politicians look at themselves in the mirror.

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  2. From this distance, Australia, your blog looks brave; and that is not the way it should be. Australian’s from both sides of the political fence look on the Conservative Prime Minister who brought in gun control as a hero. We admire John Winston Howard for that (if not many other things). He is our hero. America needs a hero now.
    More strength to your arm, Jeff.

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  3. In my darker moments as we are unable/unwilling to consider controlling guns maybe we should work on universal health care to deal with the aftermath. Then I realize as a society we don’t give a flying poop about human life unless it will amass votes/ money. On other even darker days I think I should buy a gun to protect myself from the other guns. But isn’t that how we got here?

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  4. DO SOMETHING is absolutely right. I agree with everything you’ve said here, Jeff. I would also make it mandatory for every American adult and teenager to watch the film Mass. It might begin to change a few hearts and minds. Released in 2021, it’s the riveting story of two couples dealing with the trauma of losing their two sons, after one of them kills the other and several other teens in a school shooting. Hard to watch, but necessary and performed masterfully.

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  5. I’m conservative and often vote a conservative ticket. I firmly believe that gun control is needed (years ago). Your position, that I am complicit (in gun deaths, in the recent slaughter of children) based solely on the fact that I vote conservative, is (to me) a reflection of a narrow mind. I stand for love and kindness. I’m pretty certain you stand for love and kindness too. We need to stand together in love and kindness. And, just in case you missed it, I firmly believe that gun control is needed.

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    • Hi Linnie, I accept your assertation that I’m being closed minded. I can’t stand that gun control has been needed and rejected as long as I’ve been politically aware (80s). I can’t stand that an entire American political party has a hard “No” on *any* proposal that might reduce the chances of someone getting shot. I saw some sort of meme thing yesterday suggesting that by pushing the problem down the road, we’re showing that we’re willing to sacrifice children. This seems pretty accurate to me. I was bound to offend someone with my line in the sand, I’m really sorry it’s you. I enjoy our conversations.

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      • well, it’s not like i’m bailing on you/your blog. i’ll def still be around to read/comment. it’s good to see things through a different lens. i appreciate the opportunity to discuss our differences, and also enjoy our conversations. besides, we have the same taste in music– and that trumps politics in my book.

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  6. I saw the Angel Garza, the father of Amerie Jo Garza, speaking on CNN. Amerie was a young girl who was fatally shot in this latest school shooting.
    I don’t know how we can keep watching these stories of heartbroken parents and not be moved to do more.
    I saw Franklin Graham say on twitter that gun control wasn’t the answer. One would think that Franklin Graham, who considers himself an ambassador for Jesus would be moved to do more. I guess he is more an ambassador for the Republicans.
    Great post.

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    • Thank you for this comment. I actually haven’t watched any of those distraught family videos. I can. They’ll stick with me and mess me up. I don’t think Franklin Graham needs to worry. There’s about 0% chance the senate will pass any gun control legislation.


      • Sorry, I didn’t mean to say it was a waste of time to talk about it, only that I don’t expect America is strong enough to change anything.

        Yes we are staying with my family this week and next!


      • No, I’m the one saying it’s a waste of time. Periodically, I hit a hopeless patch, this is one of them… gun control, climate control, crazed nuclear dictator control, etc

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      • Ah I see. Yes, the world is absolutely nuts. I’m sorry for the hopeless feeling. I try not to think about it or look at the news much anymore because it’s too much.


  7. Jeff Cann, with the greatest respect in mind, I must tell you that you are wrong. If gun control actually worked, the Virginia Tech massacre, the Columbine massacre, the Pulse Nightclub massacre and the massacre at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado would never have happened.


    • Thank you for conveying this message in an even tone. I assume you’re alluding to the idea that the mentioned massacres didn’t include assault rifles (I think, I didn’t look it up). In response, I say no guns, no shootings. I’m actually a proponent of a gunless society. I know that doesn’t jibe with the second amendment, but guns are a scourge on our nation.


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