10 thoughts on “Angry, Old and Middle-Class

  1. A) This made me wish I hadn’t given my guitar away so I could see what this feels like.
    B) I wish the comment section let me post a picture of the bulls-eye I painted on the cement wall in my basement that we spent a wine night party smashing bottles against. Catharsis feels so damn good! Even if it looks a little different middle class and middle age…

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  2. I’m a little distressed by this destruction of a perfectly good instrument. That could have gone to a kid that wanted to learn to play but could not afford an instrument. Change the title to Angry, Old and Over-privileged.


    • I enjoyed that song. When I was 16, London Calling came out, and I’ve aged with the indelible image of Penny Smith’s Paul Simonon photo. One of the many purposes of a guitar is to die at the hands of a pissed off musician. That guitar has been with me since tenth grade and was last restrung when my 15 year old daughter was born. It had no value left for me, and it had no value. I enjoyed smashing it, but not as much as I thought I would.

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      • ‘London Calling’ is indeed deserving of that overused work ‘iconic’. Coupled with the Elvis reference in the type, it is indelible.

        I was spinning (CDs) of Monterey Pop a short while ago, as I was posting on the music. The performances included The Who wreaking havoc and destruction and trampling the power of flowers to mulch. I wonder if Pete continued to enjoy the destruction, gig in gig out.

        BTW, I did the smashing glass thing many years ago (on my own, sober). It was good.

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