11 thoughts on “The New Math

    • Seriously. I read somewhere that a study predicted 75% of kids K-5 would get covid in the next 3 months. Seems almost impossible to believe, but the math in my analysis supports that. Not sure where we are going with the pandemic, but I’m not betting on ‘good’.

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  1. I also saw a graph that showed that counties that voted overwhelmingly for Trump had three times the death rate per 100,000 than those who voted for Biden. GOP = grievous, opportunistic, propagandistic spreading of medical disinformation.

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    • Yes. We saw a 483% increase from 9/1 – 1/12 last year. I see no reason why we won’t see a similar increase this year. The schools are at full capacity, half the students aren’t vaccinated, the virus is at least twice as transmissible as it was a year ago, masking has fallen way off, restaurants and entertainment facilities are open… Do I think this will really happen? No, growing immunity will slow things down. But I expect our cases and deaths to far outstrip what happened last winter. I don’t think our current situation is getting anywhere near enough attention. People think the pandemic is over. No where close.

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  2. Everything has to be alternative these days, science, medicine, facts, maybe just plain old scientific method may have helped as opposed to the alternative, and what is it with the bizarre idea that the same space and time needs to be given to the patently idiotic when reported. Oh my how we are doomed.

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