And I quote:

“I mean, ya gotta write about it. They’ll write about it for decades. Centuries? In 2253, second graders will still learn about the day the president told an angry mob to attack the U.S. Capitol.”

Quoting myself. Tonight, I looked back a year, curious to see what I wrote about the January 6 insurrection. All the usual crap… Trump’s impact on civil discourse, his racist rants, his flouting of U.S. laws. Trump egging on a crowd intent on killing Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence. Afterwards, I saw a break. The Republicans, the serious ones anyway, were pulling away. Fed up. Disgusted. Trump went too far.

Will they write about this in ten years? I doubt it. No one seems to care. Not where I live at least. Not in most of the country. Sure, it’s still a big story in a handful of progressive states and just about every city. But in the rest of the landscape, washed in red, it’s fake news.

It only took a few weeks. The narrative changed. No longer thugs. Patriots they called them then. Political prisoners today. A bunch of Republicans playing CYA. Denying the strong words they spoke a year ago, when they hoped to resurrect the party, restore decency. Now they’re unified against the truth.

Jesus Christ Superstar, I saw it on TV in 1976. Fourteen years old. Near the end of the movie, at Christ’s great trial, Pontius Pilate admonishes Christ with a powerful lyric that dropped my jaw and stopped impressionable, young me in my tracks. A lyric that’s been stuck in my head for forty-five years:

Don’t let me stop your great self-destruction
Die if you want to you misguided martyr
I wash my hands of your demolition
Die if you want to you innocent puppet!

This line runs through my head when I consider the state of the nation today:

Don’t let me stop your great self-destruction, and
I wash my hands of your demolition.

I’m almost done caring.

19 thoughts on “1/6/2022

  1. I am SOOO feeling this! It’s exhausting beating our head against the brick wall!
    I was reading some article about JD Vance, the Hillbilly Elegy guy, running for Senate. He’s running as a Republican and using some of the Orange Idjit’s crap. But he also had a few points that I, a die-hard liberal from SoCal, can agree with and understand.
    I think the extremists on both sides have made the most noise and grabbed the most “views/clicks”. All of us people just trying to live our lives just want to continue doing so.
    The liberal tech guys/gals in 1% are the same as the conservative 1%, just spouting different talking points… they all got theirs and to Hell with everyone else.

    Our country as it is, is broken. Maybe it *needs* to be completely demolished before we can do better🤷🏼‍♀️
    I’m in a funk today… Ben got sent home to quarantine or test… only problem is, there are ZERO home tests or testing appointments. So he stays home cuz his teacher heard him cough. I haven’t heard him cough.🤦🏼‍♀️ 🤐🤐🤐 I’ll finish my rant on my blog instead of yours😂😂

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    • Man, if I had to go home every time I coughed, I’d never leave the house. I’ve lost my will to get excited about anything any more. Every where I turn, things are crashing down. I’ve often been jealous of those who can just live life and not react to what’s going on around them. I need to figure out how to do that. I can’t abide by feeling stressed all the time. Best of luck getting Ben back into school. I’m just waiting for our system to shut down. I Can’t believe it’s that long from now. They must all be infecting each other like mad.

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      • They’re opening new C19 units at Daughter’s hospital. It’s getting to everyone. ICU is still mostly unvaxed and they’re asking people to just assume they have it and call their primary.
        I hope this Omicron burns out as fast as it’s seemed to in other places… South Africa, UK… and nothing new pops up amongst the Vax refusers.

        Our Heathcare system is as broken as our government as is our infrastructure… etc… but hey! We can stream whatever for however long we want to. We’re *living* in a post apocalyptic world right now… it won’t hit the masses unless the internet stops working.
        Dang! My cynic is loud again🤐

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  2. One thing I’ve never heard mentioned: the former guy stood in front of his mob and told them “we” will march on the Capitol, that he would be with them. But he ran away and hid in the White House, letting others do his dirty work as usual. Reports suggest he was watching TV in the White House dining room. He thinks only of himself; he doesn’t really care about his mob or anyone.


    • HE’s quite fond of letting others, usually his lawyers, do his dirty work. I Haven’t been able to delve into Biden’s speech today. Based on a quick browse of CNN, it seems like a doozy.


  3. I feel you, but for myself if it came down to it and I was forced to not care (accept) vs fight for it, I’d fight. I think we’ve only known freedom as a given in our lifetime and that’s starting to shift, and while it sounds aggressive/“masculine,” I’d die over the alternative. Easier said than done, I just don’t like how 1984 ends. Good for you and me we don’t drink at least ha ha ha ha thanks for this Jeff. I’d say don’t stop believin’ but that dudes a Trumper too I think.

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    • I’m not sure I equate not caring with accepting. I see it more as detachment. Don’t worry, it won’t last long, I’ll quickly get pissed about something. It’s so tiring though. The Jan 6 commission will study the issue to death but there will be no consequences. Everyone will just dig deeper in their trenches. I read from a lot of smart people that armed rebellions are inevitable. We’ve become *that* country. When I was a teenager, I always thought of the republicans as the ‘mature’ party. WTF.

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