¿ Dinner ?

I’m traveling up the coast. I found a pizza place online and ordered my dinner over the phone:

Me: I’d like to order a Stromboli roll.

Guy: Just One?

Me: Oh, I don’t know, how big are they? Are they much food?

Guy: Well, how many do you want.

Me: I don’t know, is one a meal? Will that fill me up?

Guy: I don’t want to make just one, I’ll waste the leftover dough

Me: So is one pretty small then?

Guy: We make them four at a time.

Me: Oh, is four an order?

Guy: It’s OK, I’ll make you just one.

Me: Is one enough for dinner?

Guy: So you want two?

Me: …Um, Sure.

I typed the address into my phone and hopped in my car. The directions brought me to the mall. I ordered my dinner from the food court.

13 thoughts on “¿ Dinner ?

  1. so was two enough?

    I guess all these food places are trying to get business any way that they can. They may not have had the best food, but it sounds like they did a nice job of promoting themselves online…


    • Like always, I check into the hotel and then look for food impatient and hungry. Not a great combination for me. From now on, I’m planning out my meal before I travel.


    • Every time I arrive in Vermont to pick up my daughter, I’m hungry and impatient. You’d think I’d learn my lesson to come up with a meal plan before I make the drive. This incident probably kicked me over the edge. I’m sure I’ll plan ahead better next time. The breakfast we got in the morning more than made up for my error. It was delicious.

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      • I’m glad! We tend to google yummy places in the car on our road trips. Though most times good other times we misses out as in the country over here they closes early or don’t open at all on the slower days like Mon-Wed.

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