Putin Detonates a Tactical Nuke

Is this reckless? Alarming? Unnecessary? Am I jinxing the future by putting this in writing?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder drives me to click the Google Chrome icon more often than I like. I search for a distraction—a WordPress comment, a Facebook notification, an email from a friend. I search for news. The pandemic turned me into a basket case, refreshing a graph several times a minute, watching for change. Click… breathe… breathe… breathe… click. Over and over. Anticipating the worst case scenario reduced to reflex.

I expect this headline, the nuclear bomb one, each time I open CNN. I’ve expected it from day-one. Why not? How is this different from other recent headlines? Seventy-seven years ago, the world determined use of nuclear weapons in war goes too far. The bombs dropped on Japan during World War Two killed 200,000 people—many vaporized, many poisoned, destined to die a slow death. The world agreed, indiscriminate, killing civilians simply to kill civilians. Unacceptable, on par with say, dropping bombs on refugees fleeing a country, or maybe on hundreds of children sheltered in a building. Everyone knows you don’t do that. Just like everyone knows you don’t use nukes.

15 thoughts on “Putin Detonates a Tactical Nuke

  1. I was comments chatting with another blogger about the nukes a few weeks ago. He was kinda freaking out about it.
    I reminded him that we’d both survived the 80s when things seemed to be much closer to the edge.
    He started preparing a “fallout room” under his stairs. He finally burnt out on stress and joined me in “what the Hell can I personally DO about it” land. The answer is nothing, right?
    I hope if it happens that none of us ever know.

    I don’t see what kind of advantage anyone would gain from using nukes at this point. Things are very different now.

    I’m sorry it’s stressing you out, Jeff. I image the OCD is something you’d love to be rid of.

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    • It’s not so much that I’m stressing out but that I’m obsessed with the certainty of the whole thing. I agree that using nukes makes no sense, but I feel like sooner or later, Putin won’t be able to see a reason to not use them. I felt no nuclear stress in the 80s. Too drunk? Maybe.

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  2. I suspect he knows he could get away with what he’s doing to Ukraine, but using nukes would be a certain death warrant. Still possible, yes. A certainty? I don’t think so. But what do I know?

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    • I feel like one of the worst outcomes will be if they negotiate an end to the war and Russia walks away unpunished. I honestly don’t think dropping a small nuke should change much. The Russian military has been monstrous.


  3. The prospect terrifies me, to be honest. I can understand your fear and the need to be looking for news or stats every five minutes. I did the same with Covid at its worst and have now transferred this anxiety to the possibility of Putin dropping a nuke. The man (if you can call him that) is either insane or plain evil, or possibly both. Sorry you’re feeling so stressed, Jeff.


    • Not so much stressed as obsessed. So much of this is swirling through my brain. I don’t understand how the military can carry out these crimes. Where do they find people willing to kill children? Dropping a nuke is a big line to cross, but so is the intentional slaughter of civilians, and they’ve done that countless times. If/when it happens, I won’t be surprised at all.

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  4. It is a disturbing thought and I hope that whoever Putin tells to “push the red button” has more sense than him and doesn’t follow through with such a horrendous act of violence.

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