Raining. Stuck inside, riding the couch. A sick day from work. Bored, listless. The invasive, morning procedure now complete. Thirty-six hours of fasting; three hours sequestered in the loo; forty minutes of probing. Hungover from anesthesia and calorie-deficiency. I want to nap… or eat. The suction of the couch, holding me in place. Tethered.


BTW – WordPress editors have selected an excerpt from my post Follow to be profiled in their Discover reader. This is a huge honor for me, and I look forward seeing my post highlighted.

9 thoughts on “Tethered

  1. What a morning, eh? Hope the rest of your day finds you balancing your time napping AND eating 🙂

    P.S. I’m glad Discover featured your post because I don’t think I would have found you otherwise!

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