(Flash) Natural order of things

Me, in his office: defensive, insecure. Him behind his desk: Disapproving, judgmental.
“You’ll quit drinking,” he says. Not a suggestion, not a request. A declaration. An intervention.

“I’m only here for my meds, my antidepressants.” Medication management, no prescription without a discussion.

Power of suggestion? Voodoo? A good read of character? Yes, he was right. Thirty months: Dry. Sober. Abstained.

Me (once, not so long ago): “I can’t trust people who don’t drink. Coffee in the morning, cocktails at night. The natural order of things. Non-drinkers have something to hide.”

At Dinner.
Susan: “Newcastle Brown Ale.” To me: “Is this OK? Does my beer bum you out?”
Me: “Club soda with lime.” My response: “Why should my problem spoil your meal?”

After dinner, I’m the one who’s driving. This still surprises me. I have nothing to hide.

~ ~ ~

Alcohol: The lubricant of my relationships. Reduces the friction of forced communication. Unsticks the cogs for flowing conversation. Untoxicated, oxidated. The machinery grinds to a halt.

11 thoughts on “(Flash) Natural order of things

  1. This is very different in style from your previous posts. It’s a risk to do something different, no matter which art form you are using. My risks sometimes turn out well, sometimes not. But I think it’s healthy to expand one’s artistic universe.

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    • Well if my success on ‘keeping going’ is measurable by the number of times each month I do anything social, I’m a miserable failure. After a while the high of simply succeeding at ‘not drinking’ wears off and I need to write stuff like this to remind myself of the point.


  2. The further I get from this post, the more I like it. I’ve been actively trying to show rather than tell, and this piece does a lot of that. I also like the little poetry bit at the end. I originally envisioned a whole story like this, but I settled on dialogue instead. Thanks for your comment.

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