BADASS (the book)

Does anyone wonder where I’ve been? Am I being self-aggrandizing to think that anyone cares when I write a blog post? That people might notice when I’m not commenting on their blog? When I go missing for what, two weeks?

I just passed my five-year anniversary as a blogger. If you’re astute, you might look at my sidebar and say “Whoa, that’s not right. You started in November 2015.” Well I have another blog, it’s called Undercrust. My first post was published in 2013.

Undercrust is a big secret. Well it was when I wrote it, but it’s not any more. Still, there’s almost nothing written there that will tell you who I am. Only my last post, which gives the URL to this site.

I wrote it anonymously because I thought my world would collapse if anyone ever found out about my past drug use. Or alcohol abuse. Or that I have Tourette Syndrome. Or Anxiety. Or OCD. That I don’t blindly love my country. Or worship our flag. These are the topics I explored on Undercrust.

This seems quaint to me now. I outed myself in 2016 with my memoir, Fragments. I took the best posts from Undercrust and assembled them into a book. If I was going to review my book, I’d say pretty good. I’m a better writer now, but I was a better story-teller then. And that’s what this book does, it tells a story.

Self-publishing is a rough way to earn money. I make about $2.50 per sale. I expected that after the initial rush, earning me ten thousand dollars, Fragments would settle into a steady flow of a couple thousand dollars in royalties per year. In actuality, I’d be astonished if I’ve sold more than a hundred twenty-five copies. I check my sales stats way too often (every day) and when I get a sale, I shout out “Hey, I sold a book!” This happens once every couple of months.

I now know I’m never going to get rich selling a self-published book. My brother actually sold a publishing-house published book, and while I’ve never asked him directly about his earnings, I’m not under the impression that he’s getting rich either. Now, when I sell a book, what I think is “Hey, someone’s reading my writing!” Which is definitely more important to me than $2.50.

Many bloggers have their website linked to a Patreon account—a site where readers can set up a recurring monthly payment as a monetary thank you to their favorite blogger. Some sites have a Paypal link where you can leave a tip. I have a link that says: Like my blog? Buy my book. But what I really think is that I should be paying you to read this blog, because being read is an honor.

The real purpose of this post is to introduce my forthcoming book BADASS – My Quest to Become a Back-woods Trail-runner (and other obsessive goals)—an ebook available soon on Amazon. This is where I’ve been for the past few weeks. Working nightly on assembling a book. Twenty-seven essays, thirty-two thousand words. And all about running. I’ve taken five-years of stories and arranged them into a narrative about my growth as a runner. Another memoir? Sure. But not as deep. This book will only work for people who want to read about a runner. Specifically, me. How self-aggrandizing that?

BADASS should be finished in the next month or so, and because I want people to read it, BADASS is going to be free. Reading the book will be doing me a favor, and I don’t want to charge people for that. And while I’m looking for favors…I’d like to find a few proofreaders willing to give BADASS a spin ahead of publication. It’s a pretty simple task. I’ll email you a word document. Just make comments and corrections as you read through the book: Did I leave something out? How’s my spelling? Is a section boring or confusing? Make a note.

But don’t do it to get a free book, because it’s going to be free anyway once it’s published.

So please, if you’re willing to give BADASS a read and give me some feedback, I’d love to have your help. Leave a note in the comments, or use my contact form to connect. But I’m not kidding, the book is about running and me as a runner. Every story. So weigh that factor before you volunteer.

~ ~ ~

Note: The following paragraph from this essay illustrates just how important my journey as a writer has been. In five years I’ve transformed from a closeted everything into and advocate for substance abuse, mental illness and democratic thinking.

Undercrust is a big secret… I wrote it anonymously because I thought my world would collapse if anyone ever found out about my past drug use. Or alcohol abuse. Or that I have Tourette Syndrome. Or Anxiety. Or OCD. That I don’t blindly love my country. Or worship our flag. These are the topics I explored on Undercrust.  

21 thoughts on “BADASS (the book)

  1. That’s great, Jeff – congrats! I’d be happy to proofread it for you if you need someone to – I can already tell I am going to like it, cause you know, I like to run and talk about running. If not, I am excited to read it when it comes out. Congrats to you!!

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  2. Good to have you back, Jeff. I’m happy to proofread–I like running, and I often catch glitches in writing. And I’m amazed at the number of errors I miss in my own writing. Tough when you already know the story.


  3. It would be an honor to proof read for you if you need more people. I’ve been thinking lately about editing and assembling a book myself but haven’t looked into publishing yet. I think my blog was just me very, very slowly writing it the past few years.

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      • You bet. I can’t promise how quick I’ll be but I’m happy to take a look. Don’t forget I write under a pseudonym so you might not recognize my name right away. I’m pretty sure I can trust you with my real name after this long 🙂

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    • BTW – ebook publishing is a very simple process for someone who can follow instructions (I can’t). Print book publishing is more involved in terms of formatting and there are some mandatory costs associated (getting a proof copy is one, I’m sure there are more). So for now, I’m just going ebook for Bad-Ass, but I’m sure at some point I’m going to want a print copy, because it’s really very cool to have a copy of a book *you* wrote on your bookshelf.


  4. I understand the desire to be read and appreciated, even if it means giving your work away for free. And I know only a very few writers actually get compensated for their work. Still, I think you deserve to be paid for your hard work.

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    • Well, this ebook will include a link to my other book, so maybe this is just a big marketing ploy. I agree, I would *like* to be paid, but so far, it’s just a labor of love. Even the pieces I’ve had in magazines have been give-aways. “Stay the course” my inner voice says, “karma takes care of us in the end.”


  5. I am so pleased to hear you’ve worked on your second book. I really loved Fragments – it was such an eye opening and engaging read and I learnt many lessons from it. I am not a runner or even a fan of running. I’ve tried it and will try again and often dream of running a marathon – just because it’s such a battle of endurance. I doubt I ever will even run a 10k race. Anyhoo I am a fan of you and your blog so if you need another bod to read your book simply for the proof reading – my hand is up!


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