Resolve #2

Verb: Decide firmly on a course of action.

Noun: Firm determination to do something.

I’ve written about resolve before—last time, the noun not the verb.

IMG_0031On this thirty-first day of the last month of 2018, an errant thunderstorm serves to remind me that climate change is real, it’s here, and it’s messing with the natural order of things. We patiently wait for Eli to wrap up his Fortnite adventure (played with gamers from around the world) as the rest of us gluttonize on cookies left from our four separate Christmas celebrations and prepare to stream New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on Hulu. We clear away the dishes from our five-star meal of Fettuccine Alfredo made with homecut pasta and pan-seared garlic shrimp. Susan and Sophie surf Airbnb looking for the perfect apartment for our three-day stopover in Annecy, France, the last leg of our approaching summer getaway. I extend my tradition of New Year’s blogging into its second year with a resolution to change nothing, because in general, things are going pretty well.

Please download and read: Bad Ass – My Quest to Become a Back Woods Trail Runner (and other obsessive goals). It’s good (I think), it’s not very long and it’s free.

5 thoughts on “Resolve #2

  1. I was also hard pressed to think on what I would change. The truth is, things are pretty great. And yet, I do think in setting a few intentions I see nice results. Simple things, like deciding to find ways to put my writing where the readers are. Or this year, I’d like to be more interested in and engaged with my community. Little, simple things.

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  2. That meal sounds delish – I’ve never made pasta from fresh before although one of my new year’s resolutions (I can’t help it I always make some) is to cook from scratch (real scratch) more and I saw a pasta making course which I am so tempted by. When are you going to Europe?


    • Making pasta dough is fairly easy. Cutting it is kind of a pain in the ass. It really does taste superior, and for a faamily with kids, its a lot of fun going from scratch. In June, we’re going to spend several days in Paris and then head south to Mont Blanc. We’ve been planning this trip for years. I’m glad it’s coming to fruition.

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      • What type of pasta do you make? Do you have the machine to make it thinner? I’m 100% going to do a cooking course this year I’ve decided. Ooh that will be lovely. What a trip. How long are you going to be away for in total?


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