Killing time at Hyundai

Part of my ‘killing time’ collection. Be advised, I’m not suggesting it’s time to kill.

Gritty(er), (more) industrial. My morning run around Hanover, PA, not on foot, but on wheels. My car, the Hyundai, the ‘good’ one, needs service.  It burns oil, consumes oil, a mechanic recently said. I brought it to the Honda dealership where I bought it used two years ago. “Do you want the extended warranty,” they asked. You know how this works, two thousand bucks and nothing goes wrong. Insurance yes, peace of mind, but wasted money. That was the case with our other car, the Mazda, the ‘old’ one. It keeps running. The Hyundai has problems. Each summer the air conditioner fails. Each winter, it’s the back-up camera. The car doesn’t like extremes.

Honda passed on this service call, they sent me to Hyundai. A four-thousand-mile consumption test. How much oil does it really eat? Burning oil might equal expensive. And not necessarily on warranty. Used cars include risk.

I appreciate Gettysburg’s clean look. Tourist shops and restaurants, well cared for homes. Hanover sprawls, extends, shop after shop, built and never restored. Sold to a new owner when it’s time to upgrade. Old lots converted into car dealerships, service stations, rental agencies. Or left as factories, stamping out potato chips year after year. All need paint, power-washing, paving. The color of Hanover is dinge.

I took today off work. Hoping for a quick fix, a few hours, some time to write. Honda has a top-notch waiting area, leather sofas, massaging recliners, music, snacks, free Pac-Man. At Hyundai, the chairs unmatch with stained cushions smooshed flat, they’re uncomfortable to sit in. But the coffee’s strong, and no one else is here. Time to kill.

15 thoughts on “Killing time at Hyundai

  1. When my Prius got smashed into and lived at the body shop for 6 weeks I had a rental Hyundai. I hated that car even though it was newer and had a better sound system than my Prius. Used cars are awful! My Prius was a lease return. Technically it was used but only 30K miles and 3 years old.

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      • Oh yeah, Volvos are nice. My parents had one back in the dark ages of the 80s. Waaaaay out of my price range now. The only reason I have the Prius is because I sank half of my settlement money into it, paid cash for it. It’s the first car I’ve owned that wasnt at least 10 year old.

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  2. Nothing worse then hanging out in an auto shop…Cept maybe waiting for a tire rotation at discount tires or an oil change from jiffy lube. Ick. Nothing wrong with a used car! My last car was new, but I’ve had it for 6 years and counting. I just don’t want to spend the dough. I’d rather travel with it.

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