Unwelcome Attention


Oblivious. Or maybe an open ear, monitoring the room. Yes, probably that, so just an impression of oblivion. I don’t stop myself; I bury my nose in the junction of her neck and shoulder, dry and downy, and inhale the sweet perfume of clean. One eye opens, staring, not at me, but across the room, awaiting what’s next. Tense, a little pissed, resigned. Enduring attention, for now, deciding whether to move on and settle down elsewhere, unmolested.

19 thoughts on “Unwelcome Attention

  1. Oh my gosh, your cat looks like the one I have living under my bed. And would probably respond more in the “little pissed” way. I have a post brewing. She’s coming up. And your little lady is a cute one 🙂


  2. Jeff! I’m so excited im not the only one who does this. I love shoving my face into my cat especially after he cleans himself because I love how he smells. I think it’s the best experience and I then proceed to chant “fresh kitttyyy” to him. He loves it though. My animals are big fans of my weird tendencies. This post has brought a lot of joy to me.

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    • Glad it hit home. My other cat is a touch-slut and can’t get enough attention, but he’s not as soft and doesn’t smell as good. Roz has always been stand-offish and it was clear when we got her that she had a history of being abused by a man. She’s come a long way.


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