Waiting for Comcast


Lately I’m seeing some depression slip in. It’s mostly evident in the body oils that leak into my eyes from a lack of showers. The internet died and died again and again and stayed dead. Me, unable to catch my breath or take a deep breath waiting for Comcast to call back. I snapped at anyone who got close.

Today I poked at email, wanting direction; it never came. Instead, I took my turn at the puzzle. One thousand pieces. Eight hundred assembled as COVID-19 gathered steam. Two piles remain. Sky-blue, hazy-cloud-white. My heart pounds harder as I cycle through the options, impossibly without a match.

“What’s wrong?” Abrased under scrutiny or concern, either/or, identical to me. I fight back or maybe just fight. Uncertainty = unmotivation. I start each day reading CNN on the kitchen bar stool until a low ache in my back moves me towards the couch. The pain, unchanged, sends me to the open spot on the floor to stretch and plank and down dog and crunch. My day peaks with promise but fizzles a moment later and slides a downhill slope until I go to bed.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


15 thoughts on “Waiting for Comcast

  1. We’re feeling it too. When’s it going to change? Debbie’s post about mindfulness helped me some – stop and check what is good in the moment. Take care of yourself!


  2. I have been having trouble when I run lately. Lack of confidence. The runs I did easily a few months ago now cause me to doubt my ability to finish. This too shall pass.

    Hope the cable guy got there by the time you read this!

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    • Today, the rest of my family announced we were getting a Blizzard cake from DQ, so I forced myself out for a midlength run. OMG that wind was nuts. I’m hoping it severed the slump I’ve been in. The cake was delicious.


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