One Hit

Rosemerry wrote of regret. A taste of winning… once. Fleeting fame and a lifelong slide. One hit wonder. Wonder how my life turned out without that one big hit. Rosemerry wrote about choices. Decisions and consequences. Success or failure, which is worse? Sip the elixir now, it dries to sawdust in your throat. Rosemerry wrote of the tortoise who whupped that punk-ass hare.

A cautionary tale, Rosemerry’s, not Aesop’s. The list is endless. Nena with her luftballons. Jenny from the stall. Come on Eileen, don’t live in the past. Hustle now, get on with your life. Argue for mediocrity. Empires fall. Titans sink. Icarus plummets. Fly too high, the gods press your face in the mud. The meter stick grows longer every year, the end hovers just out of reach. Keep it close. Or strive. Or push. Or keep both feet planted in the ground. Disappointment lingers at the end of the road.

Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “One Hit

    • I don’t know what I’m chasing. I doubt that I’ve made the point Rosemerry intended. Is it better to have loved and lost? No, it’s better to have never loved at all. I spend a lot of time wondering how things might be different if I never started writing/blogging.

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  1. Man, the 1980s had some songs with awesome lyrics, didn’t they? I think I have to give you basically the same comment you gave me on my running-goal post: don’t take something that is supposed to be enjoyable and turn it into something that creates more pressure. Why do we do that?

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    • I love 80s new wave songs. I don’t know why I pressure myself like this. This is my worst performing blogpost in years, and I’m trying to sit with that and be OK with it. Maybe my meditation class is having an effect on me.


  2. I think my note to my inner tortoise might come a decade sooner musically, as in like love the one you’re with? Or better yet, love the self you’re with?? Mostly, I just notice how human it is to stake identity to a moment that isn’t this moment. love the leaps you make here, friend, from Aesop to Nena to Eileen to Icarus!

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