Something to chew

From my Gratitude Journal.

7/20: Bitter, grainy. The aroma, when carefully considered, contains a whisper of something foul—a woodsy rot, perhaps a hint of cat pee. Regardless, each sip, like a bite of a decadent dessert. It fills my mouth and warms my body. Almost something to chew. My coffee is brewed in a stove-top percolator. Each cup, strong and rich. Satisfying. I drink the pot. Two large cups—sixteen ounces of espresso. Enough to fuel my day. Any more and my bedtime will be delayed. My coffee ritual, the most peaceful part of my day.

14 thoughts on “Something to chew

  1. I can’t do coffee every single day because I have a strange fear of getting hooked on the caffeine, but I drink about three cups of tea in a row so, you know, it probably amounts to the same thing!

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    • A few months ago, I cut from three of those cups down to one. You’d have thought I quit heroine cold turkey. I felt like absolute crap. Now I’ve crept back up to two. I’m destined to be an addict.


  2. Did you ever see the movie “Sideways?” Your description of the coffee reminded me of Paul Giamatti when he was smelling a wine with his eyes closed, holding his ear shut so he could find the right words to describe the flavor. Your description of your coffee was just as descriptive. Made me smile – especially when I got to the cat pee part. 🙂 I had to drop caffeine a few months ago – overtrained with my running that I have had to slow distance and speed way down. My body just revolted. Resting more now – hope to be back on the trails with a morning cup of coffee (or even tea!) soon!


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