18 thoughts on “The cost of blogging

  1. Making a difference is a big deal. Its lovely when we get feedback, and sometimes we don’t find out about our impact. That dropped pebble whose ripples have a significant and distant impact. For me trusting that when I show up as well as I can manage as often as I can, some of those ripples will occur keeps me going on the hard days.

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    • I wind up reading a lot of literature about alternate universes and potential realities. Thinking about your comment through the lens of changed outcomes and life-directions is heady stuff. I know how impacted I can be by the stuff I read. I wish we could each see a a map of the footprint we leave on the world. I’ll bet we would all live more ethical lives.

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  2. I agree, comments from people who connect with your writing somehow are heartwarming. Also you’ve reminded me that I am badly in need of a new laptop, because my chromebook freezes whenever I try to do more than a single thing at any one time.

    Will have to save up first!

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