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I can’t think of single thing to write. This has been going on all week. I sat down the morning after the Alabama Senate election, and I couldn’t get started. I wrote a halfhearted paragraph, and then I packed it in. The rest of the week’s been a blank page. There are things I want to say, but I can’t turn them into a story. I’ve tried.

So what I’m left with is updates, not blog posts. All I’ve got is the sort of thing you’d post on Facebook if you were one of those people who posts everything on Facebook. Hamburgers for dinner. Point-three-eight-pound-monsters. My kids couldn’t finish theirs. Yes, if I posted on Facebook, this is what I’d write.

But I don’t. I’ve posted a handful of times over the past six months, and almost everything has been WordPress related. I linked to a rant I wrote against Sears. Trying to build a groundswell of my own against their company. I linked to a review of my book written by a fellow blogger. Hoping to sell a couple of books. I linked to an awesome personal essay I found on WordPress Discover. It was an interesting story.

And I posted that I got a new job. Over the past half year, I’ve been writing about my career. The ups and downs of my job change. A few stories have been actually about working, not working and looking for work. But almost all the rest have been about the heavy mental toll I’ve paid for turning my very stable life inside out. That appears to be over now. I’ve been hired as the Director of Finance by the nonprofit I’ve been supporting as a consultant.

When bloggers begin to Facebook their blog, I unfollow. When they post memes and link songs and write cute little updates like “Have a great Christmas y’all!” I drop them. When my reader is overrun by six posts in a row by the same blogger, none of them actually a blog-post but simply links to other bloggers’ posts, I shut them out.

And now I risk doing that right here. By publishing a post simply to announce that I found a job, I’m stepping over a boundary. I hope you’re still with me tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “Facebook my WordPress

  1. Hi Jeff.. transitions in life are strange; overwhelming and awkward. Years go by in our lives where not much changes..we are creatures of habit; like our daily routines; and we don’t like anything that may ’cause a few ripples’ in our day. Then..bamm! Life’s changes start, suddenly; and when we think this one will end soon.. another one happens. At times, it’s like moderate tidal waves that rock our world..we keep hoping morning will come, the sun will shine again-and all will finally be well and back to normal. But, the thing is..these times change us. We emerge as different people..battered against the rocks..tired..and having to start again..and go forward with a somewhat, new, different life. My confidence is shaken and unsure..like the new kid in high school…But, why? I’m older now..I can handle all this..can’t I? Here we go..starting again in another journey of growth and life..Am I ready???… I have no choice- I have to be..

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  2. Your blog, your Facebook page, your choice… to say/post whatever you want to. People can just scroll past if they aren’t interested. The only people I unfollow are racists, Nazis, and moms who only friended me to try to sell me leggings or probiotics or skincare products. I love hearing people’s good news! So, congrats on the new job!!!

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  3. There’s a story in your post, and I’m really glad that you have a full time job again: Major exhale! Hope it goes well. I hadn’t considered the Facebooking concept before, and once you mentioned it, I do know exactly what you’re talking about, and have a similar reaction. And I find, sometimes reporting events in a slightly different fashion is how things go. I appreciate your update, and I didn’t find it too much like FB!

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  4. You’ll never go totally down that rabbit hole so it’s ok to have an update post once in a while! Congratulations on the job!!!!

    It’s interesting how good news is often a less interesting story. BUT I don’t think that’s the case here. You’ve been on a journey!

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  5. Good luck in the new job. I read all of your posts and mostly always enjoy them. Hope you, Susan, Sophie and Eli have a happy holiday week with lots of inspiring and interesting things to blog about.


  6. I’m still here (playing catch up as I’m sure you’ve figured). Congrats on the new job – definitely something that I, and I’m certain your other followers, want to know about. Plus it’s part of your journey.


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