Blogs don’t eat crickets

Like any living creature, it must be fed,
it must be nurtured, loved. Neglected, it dies or
stagnates or shrinks
which might be worse than death.
This blog, like King Tut, the bearded dragon
living caged in my family room,
basking beneath heat lamps,
bright white and scorching during the day,
warm red and comforting at night,
craves attention.
Sheena, the caramel colored corn snake,
housed in a converted dresser,
the drawers gutted, faced with chicken wire
gauged smaller than a snake’s head,
gets a red light night and day and a frozen rat on
Saturday afternoon, her weekly meal.
King Tut eats crickets,
bought live from the pet shop on the far side of town,
dropped two or four at a time to face a rapid and grizzly death
in the jaws of a lizard.

Blogs don’t eat crickets.
This one doesn’t. Sustained with writing,
weekly, Sunday, or Saturday like Sheena’s rat,
sometimes Friday like today,
a post to remind the internet:
I’m still here.
Without this post, I’m decoration.
Like feeding a reptile, it’s our only
chance to interact.

10 thoughts on “Blogs don’t eat crickets

  1. My relationship with King Tut is much simpler than with my blog. For Kind Tut I, drop in the crickets and he scurries around his tank, gobbling them up. One time Sheena bit me while I was cleaning some waste out of her habitat, now I’m wary of her, she kind of freaks me out. That’s much more similar to how I feel about the blog. It’s not an easy relationship. Some hobby.


  2. I like your analogy Jeff and your objective treatment of the scenes. But I don’t think animals (including us) should be kept in cages. What if we went to live with them in the jungle? Would they devour us or become our friends?

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