Everyday Strange

Of the seventy-nine million blogs on the WordPress platform, Everyday Strange is one of my favorites—and yes, I’ve read them all. Most blogs, like mine, require a time investment. Five or ten or fifteen minutes of reading through heavily preened prose trying to decipher the point, if there is one at all. Conversely, the posts on Everyday Strange are so concise they often don’t extend beyond what you can see in the WordPress reader.

The blog is segmented by day into categories including Strange Places, Strange Acoustics, Strange Wednesdays, and Muse of the Day. Each of these categories celebrate the strange.

All of them except Muse of the Day, which is my favorite category. Muse of the Day posts are simply quotes. And they’re always good quotes. Never trite, never well-known, at least not to me. Not long ago, it occurred to me just how much time must be invested in finding all those quotes, which show up most days of the week.

Once I realized the scope of the hours spent mining the internet to present these quotes to me, I began to look at Everyday Strange with oodles of new-found respect.

Today, I’ve been invited as a guest blogger on Everyday Strange in honor of Strange Wednesdays. There are few blogs I’d rather be featured on, and I’m thankful my submission, Field of Screams, was accepted. It is a dense paragraph celebrating a Halloween haunted house. It’s definitely strange.

I encourage you to link over to Everyday Strange, not to read my post, but to discover a strange and wonderful chunk of the internet.

— Jeff

11 thoughts on “Everyday Strange

  1. I too have been a follower and fan of Everyday Strange for quite some time. Congratulations for becoming a guest blogger over there. Glad to see my fellow bloggers coming together like that. Oh, and if you are looking for guest blogging spots Jeff, you are welcome to entertain a guest spot on my blog any day of the week you choose. There’s a thought… maybe making it a twice a month thing or once a week?

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    • God, I’m barely posting to my own blog these days. It’s amazing how so many of us follow the same blogs. I’m always amazed when I think I’m on a completely random blog and I see a comment by a blogger I know.

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